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    services, or to schedule a consultation, please call me at 914.466.4585 or email me at

  • Services Offered

    Staging Consultation:
    This is a 2 to 3 hour consultation with a complete summary of how to present your home to the widest audience and how to sell it as quickly as possible for the best possible price.
    Home Staging:
    Re-organizing the home's existing furniture and accessories with an eye toward making the home feel more spacious.  De-cluttering is also involved by packing away unneeded items. An added benefit is that this helps you prepare for your upcoming move, and can actually make your move less expensive!
    Vacant Home Staging:
    This service completely furnishes and accessorizes vacant homes and model homes.  Properly staged vacant homes appear larger and more inviting than empty spaces.
    Staging for Living:
    So many clients who have lived through a staging are so happy with the uncluttered and streamlined appearance of their homes that they wish to continue in their new homes.  Through selection of paint colors, window treatments and furniture and accessory arrangement, clients can continue to live with that "staged home" feeling.

    Professional Organizing:
    Whether it's a kitchen where nothing is located within reach, a messy garage or basement, a home office, crowded closets or personal paperwork, I can help you get it in order.  I can help you with your computer files as well.  And I can help you whether you are a residential client, a small business or a large corporation.


  • Neil, I have been so enthralled with organizing my apartment that I am just now seeing this email... thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you. I never imagined that I could get so much done in such a short period of time... including a wall-to-wall closet built to my specific needs in just four hours!! Please know that I am thrilled with your work, your efficiencly, your creative ideas, and your ability to help me think outside of my traditional "box." I look forward to keeping in touch. Have a joyous and productive New Year!


  • Neil was wonderful to work with. He stayed in budget better than I did. He really listened to me to find out what my needs were beyond what I knew how to express. To me, that says expert. He did not over sell me at all even though he went above and beyond and organized my entire space. My apartment is now a space that I love being in. It works with my lifestyle, so it's easy to maintain! Neil is the best!!! Oh, and did I mention, we actually had fun!

    Lori J.

  • To Whom It May Concern: This is a letter of reference for Neil Bindelglass. About 5 months ago I contracted Mr. Bindelglass to organize my new home office. My consulting business is just getting off the ground and I am spending all of my time meeting with clients and working on their projects.

    As a relatively new start-up I also do not have the need for a full-time office manager at this time. However, I greatly needed assistance in setting up a functional office space that could grow as my business grows. Consequently I hired Mr. Bindelglass and was very impressed with both his ideas and time management on the project. Mr. Bindelglass also kept costs well within the estimates provided to me at the outset of the project.

    Two months ago, we scheduled the 3 month follow-up session so that Mr. Bindelglass could see if the office system was operating effectively. Although the follow up session is extremely helpful and we came up with some ideas for the future, it was apparent to me that the system was operating smoothly. It is also very easy to maintain.

    I highly recommend Mr. Bindelglass's organization and design services.


    Michel H., CPA

  • Dear Neil,

    It was good to hear from you. I'm glad to find out that your business is continuing to do well and that you have expanded your business up into Dutchess and Columbia counties. Of course, it is my pleasure to provide a reference for you.

    I am still absolutely thrilled with the re-organiztion of my kitchen and utility/storage room. As you know from our many initial conversations my work week is very long and I do not have the time or energy to hunt for items that I need or reorganize them- for that matter. Your plan for organizing my kitchen storage around how I function in the room has made a world of difference in how quickly I can get dinner on the table. My family members even know where to find things now! Which means there is no excuse for them not to pitch in! Since we've reorganized I've also been able to reduce my weekly food I'm now not buying duplicates or triplicates of items that I did not know I had. (I've consequently also reduced waste of expired food). I have more room than ever in my kitchen and so far that means that my new dishes have not gotten chipped like they did under previous storage conditions.

    Finally, my basement/utility room is such a pleasure to work in. I no longer mind going down to the basement to do laundry as everything is so clean and bright and all of the storage units are well-lit and cheerful. I find everything I need at a glance and the laundry routine is much faster now.

    You really provide such a valuable service for people like me who lack the time and/or the energy to figure out how best to reorganize, purge and invest in the right solutions based on an individual's life style.

    I do believe everyone could benefit from your service. Good luck to you in the future....and maybe next year we'll tackle my attic!


    Deborah Byrne

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February 19, 2008

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